Improving agricultural productivity will be an essential aspect in the future.

RANGER provides a wide range of API 6D, API 6A and API 600
valves specifically designed for oil and gas industry.

Valves for Oil & Gas

Ewom, a company based out of China, offers flow-control solutions for the Oil & Gas industry. From Fully welded Ball valves,Floating Ball valve,Trunnion Ball Valve,Top entry ball valve to gate valve,globe valve,check valve & more, Ewom Valves has everything you need to complete your project.

Ewom has been a global leader for over six decades. It a new start company and have grown to be one of the most influential players in the oil and gas industry.

Oil & gas industry presents unique challenges, and Ewom Valves offers a portfolio of high performance solutions that successfully address the challenges:

  • API monogrammed

  • Successfully tested to most stringent industry standards – Fugitive Emissions (API 624, API 641 and ISO 15848-1) and Fire-safety (API 607/ API 6FA)

  • Unmatched safety and reliability in risky operating conditions. SIL3 Capable Automation solutions.

  • Designed for severe services in hostile environments. Erosion and corrosion resistant valves, in high alloys and with specialised surface coatings.

  • Designed for endurance and easy maintainability

  • Asset management support for the entire life cycle

Ewom Valves for Oil & Gas industry:

  • HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System

  • Emergency Shutdown Valves/ Blowdown Valves

  • Side-entry & Top-entry Trunnion-mounted Ball Valves

    • Cryogenic valves

    • High alloy/ cladded valves

    • FBE valves

  • Gate, Globe & Check Valves

    • High alloy valves

    • Cryogenic Valves

  • Butterfly Valves

    • Concentric – Soft-seated

    • Triple-offset – Laminar & Solid seals, Cryogenic Valves

Valves for Oil & Gas – Material Options:

  • SS Grades: 304/ 316, F347/ 321, CF3/ CF3M, CF8/ CF8M, CF8C, CN7M

  • DSS Grades: 4A/ 5A/ 6A, F55, F51

  • Alloy Steels: F91, F22, C12, C12A, WC6, WC9

  • High Ni Alloys: C276, CW2M, CY40, M-25-1, CW6MC, Cu5MCuC

  • Carbon Steels: WCB, LCB, LCC, A105, LF2, LF6


Ewom offers a range of API-monogrammed products that go beyond industry and standard requirements. Valves for oil & gas are designed in a 3D design environment, leveraging the power of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The designs are validated by rigorous prototype tests – both at in-house facilities and at international flow control research facilities – and functional qualification programmes

Project Management

Ewom, manufacturing complexity is managed by an end-to-end digital platform – linked to the ERP system – that guarantees 100% visibility and error-free on-time manufacture. The advanced project management capability ensures that the valve deliveries match your project schedules.

Asset Management

Ewom offers asset management support for the entire life cycle of the products. The company provides commissioning and maintenance support, and ValvTrac™, an RFID-enabled app provides digital traceability and all information required for operation and maintenance of the valves, literally at the finger tips.