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Top Entry Ball Valves

Top Entry Ball Valves

Size:DN 50 to DN 1400,2″ to 56″ ,Full and Reduced port,Floating or Ttrunnion
Pressure Rating:API 6D Classes 150 to Class 2500,API 6A Classes 2000 to 20000
End flange connection:ASME B16.5 (2” to 24”), ASME B16.47 Serie A or B (26” and above)
Face to Face:ASME B16.10,API 6D
Butt weld ends:ASME B16.25
Design Standard:ASME B 16.34,API 6D
Temperature Range:-196°C to +500°C
Body Materials:ASTM A105, ASTM A350 Gr. LF2, ASTM A182 Gr F316,ASTM A182 F51,ASTM A182 F53,or to customer requirements
Trim material:3MIL ENP, 316SS, and F51 Duplex,or to customer requirements
Seat insert :RPTFE, Nylon, Devlon, PEEK, Tek-Fil, TFM(Others available upon request)
Certificates:API 6D Monogram,API 607/API 6Fa fire safe,API Q1,Certificat f Works Approval,EAC,SIL,CE

Introduction to Top Entry Ball Valve

The top entry ball valves are a valve with a ball sealed in the center of the valve that is mounted at the top of the spindle.

Top entry high performance ball valves like the ones we offer are a popular and reliable choice. They operate at any angle and are designed to handle full bore or reduced bore pipeline sizes. Trunnion mounted top entry ball valves can also be used for an array of applications including gas, oil, water, sewage and more.

Top entry Ball valves range with the single- and double-piston seat valves, along with a variety of seal types, to provide an effective double block and bleed (DB&B) in both closedand in open position.

Top Entry Ball Valves are used to control the flow of liquid or gas into a pipe, tank, or other vessel.

Construction Materials and Features

Features a top entry design for easy and natural placement, this ball valve has a corrosion and chemical resistant flow control knob and a self-aligning spherical seat valve that can be easily serviced. The valve is made with high-quality materials that are durable for long-lasting use.

Body Configurations

Top entry ball valve body configurations include full bore, Reduced Bore, and a variety of materials including stainless steel, carbon steel,forged steel etc.

top entry ball valves for managing gas, oil, and water services.
Floating Top Entry Ball Valves are available in 1/2″ thru 2″ sizes with a variety of seat, bonnet, and stem materials.

Design Standard

API 6D/ISO 14313, ASME B16.34 design, is the best-selling good quality, top entry ball valve

Floating Ball Design

Our floating top entry ball valve is made of high-quality materials, and is a durable and reliable product for water supply. The ball can rotate 360 degrees, which makes it easy to install, and the handle on the top of the valve is easy to use.

Trunnion Mounted Design

Trunnion top entry ball valve Body design, complete with a wide range of high temperature and high pressure applications, high performance, and long-term stability.


The Ball valve body materials are available in cast stainless steel,cast steel steel,forged steel.

Standard ASME Forging Materials

ASME A105,A350 LF2,A182 F304 ,A182 F316,A182 F304L,A182 F316L

Standard ASME Casting Materials

ASME A216 WCB,A352 LCB,A351 CF3,A351 CF8,A351 C3M,A351 CF8M

Standard Features

Our line of ball valves are designed to meet the needs of a variety of industries with a wide range of application requirements:

API 6D/ISO 14313 standard design,one piece top entry,Full or reduced port,Metal seals seated or soft seals seat.

Seat Design Features

Soft Seated Seals Design

Soft seat material mainly including TFM, PTFE, RPTFE, PEEK, POM, PCTFE.

Metal-to-metal seated Seals

Metal seats material including s 316 SS, monel,inconel etc.

Size Ranges


Pressure Range

Class 150 to Class 2500

Temperature Range

-20° F to 250° F (-29° C to 121° C)

End Connections

Flanged ASM E B16.5;butt welded ASME B16.25;Socket welded ASME B16.11;ASME B1.1

Other Option Features


The valves are manufactured and tested to fire safe API 607/API 6FA to assure the operation available in case of fire.


The top entry ball valve is a new generation of the valves, with an anti-static design and a simple structure, it is highly reliable and easy to operate.

Double Block and Bleed

Trunnion mounted top entry ball valve is available in double block and bleed design.It ensures minimum fluid loss when the valve is open by providing double block and bleed features. The ball and seat design also makes this valve very reliable in high-pressure applications, which are sometimes prone to leakage due to ball freeze or corrosion.

Single piston effect (SPE)

Single Piston Effect (SPE) is a type of valve that operate on the principle of the force applied to a fluid by the piston. This type of valve also has a large bore in comparison to other types, making it best suited for high flow rates.

Double piston effect seat

Double piston effect is created by a seal that has two sealing points. This design creates a hermetic seal that is leak-free for the life of the valve

Side Entry Ball Valve VS Top Entry Ball Valve

Side entry ball valves are generally installed on the side of a tank or vessel. This type of valve is often used in industries such as petrochemical, chemical, food and beverage, power generation and marine. Side entry ball valves are also used for isolation purposes.

Side entry ball valves are different from the more common top entry ball valves in that they need to be oriented horizontally for operation. The valve assembly includes an internal spindle rod and packing gland which creates a seal between the valve body and the pipe to be closed off. The rod is threaded at one end which screws into a bushing at one end of the body tube to provide rotation for opening and closing the valve. The packing gland is located around this threaded end to prevent leaks by creating a seal with the pipe when tightening down on it.

Severe Service Compatibility

A severe service compatibility top entry ball valve is one that is designed to have a tight fit with the material it is passing through. This type of valve can be used for a variety of industries and applications, including those in the oil and gas and pharmaceutical industries.

The main difference between this type of valve and other valves on the market is its ability to maintain tight seal while in use. This means that the valve will not leak or release its contents during use, so it is ideal for high-pressure applications. A severe service compatibility top entry ball valve will generally cost more than other valves, but it is worth considering if you need a product that will keep your materials safe from leaks or spills.

Top Entry Ball Valves for Industrial Applications
Our top entry ball valve is a versatile, high-quality valve designed to handle demanding industrial applications.

top entry ball valve class 150

top entry ball valve class 300

top entry ball valve class 600

top entry ball valve class 900

top entry ball valve class 1500


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