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Monoflange valve

Monoflange and manifold instruments serve as the replacement for multivalve systems. The receivers have been specifically designed allowing compact installation of transmitter or signaling devices. An integrated double valve system can in the position the two bleed and block Monoflanges can being used. It eliminates the two valves requirement and reduces them all as one. They also offer safety measures to reduce vibration and reduce the total height of the gauge. In addition an increase in the length of the wall reduces the risks of vibration and damage. The lower mass and shorter paths create a more robust system. The reduction in the weight. Installation was decreased a bit.

monoflange types
Monoflange Valve for Gas Transmission


The valve is intended to be used under the fugitive emission category in chemical applications and critical gases in manufacturing operations. A one-piece construction facilitates a stable and compact mounting of the measurement instrument direct to the process flange. The bubble cooled leak tested metal seat makes these valves perfect for the production of gaseous liquids such as natural gas extraction or nitrogen. we makes it possible to professionally build different valves and instruments into convenient hookup solutions.

Instrument Monoflange is designed to be mounted directly on an instrument for process isolation and venting. They are available in block and bleed styles and are available with OS&Y bolted bonnets for security applications.

Type of Monoflange

Double block and bleed type

This Type instrument monoflange valve has a block,block and bleed design manifolds features,metal seat ,which can working at high pressure and high temperature .It has Flanged and threaded connection ,flanged and flanged connections.

The needle valves of the Instrument Monoflange provided with a screwed bonnet or union bonnet to provide a leaktight closure. The needle valve is designed to operate in a straight-through or cross-flow manner.

Our Double Block and Bleed Monoflange is perfect for any type of mechanical device. It has materials made from high-strength, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and designed with your application in mind. It also features specialized ports to double block and bleed.

Single Block and bleed Type

A single block valve monoflange is used when a reducer is needed or when the diameter of the pipe is less than the valve’s diameter. A bleed monoflange valve has one hole in it, and it works by bleeding off air pressure during a reduction.

A Single Block and bleed monoflange valve is a part of the hydraulic piping system in the hydraulic steering system. This valve is used to control the flow of pressure oil, hydraulic fluid, or any other liquid or gas. Commonly seen in all kinds of ships and aircrafts for controlling their movement, this type of valves can also be found in automobile body structures for controlling cabin pressure systems as well as brake systems on automobiles.

How does a monoflange work?

A monoflange is a single or three needle valve contained in a compact, flange-shaped body. Monoflanges in particular compact forms combine the function of as many as three valves in a precise network of interior passages and valve chambers. High reaction speed is requested for most control applications for most chemical process applications. The longer that plug the larger the vibrations leading to an unavailability of the nozzle. The longer it takes the larger the size. Size. Nozzles are shorter. Its the same magnitude. The vibration may have triggered a malfunction. The length of the wire is also critical if impulse lines are attached to the vessel.


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