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Fully Welded Ball Valve

Fully Welded Ball Valve

Size:DN 50 to DN 1400,2″ to 56″ ,Full and Reduced port
Pressure Rating:API 6D Classes 150 to Class 2500,API 6A Classes 2000 to 20000
End flange connection:ASME B16.5 (2” to 24”), ASME B16.47 Serie A or B (26” and above)
Face to Face:ASME B16.10,API 6D
Butt weld ends:ASME B16.25
Design Standard:ASME B 16.34,API 6D
Temperature Range:-196°C to +500°C
Body Materials:ASTM A105, ASTM A350 Gr. LF2, ASTM A182 Gr F316,ASTM A182 F51,ASTM A182 F53,or to customer requirements
Trim material:3MIL ENP, 316SS, and F51 Duplex,or to customer requirements
Seat insert :RPTFE, Nylon, Devlon, PEEK, Tek-Fil, TFM(Others available upon request)
Certificates:API 6D Monogram,API 607/API 6Fa fire safe,API Q1,Certificat f Works Approval,EAC,SIL,CE

Fully welded ball valve is used in high pressure environments where the chances of leaks are minimal. They come with an interlock feature and they are commonly found on oil and gas pipelines, water treatment plants, and coal mines among others.

Fully welded ball valve is used in a wide range of industries.

We offer full range of fully welded ball valve,trunnion mounted,floating design,bi directional for oil and gas transmission.

Fully welded ball valves are made from a steel or stainless steel material that allows them to be used in high pressure applications.Fully welded ball valve is a compact, light-weight, and high-strength valve that provides optimum performance and maximum reliability for industrial and household applications.

We offer a full range of fully welded ball valves for different types of onshore & offshore topside applications. Our products are designed in-house and fabricated by our experienced staff, who works to provide complete customer satisfaction.

The fully welded body is typically made using welding forged parts so they are durable and have less potential for leaks than side-entry or top-entry ball valves.

Ball Valves Fully Welded Application

The fully welded design is the perfect choice for a wide range of industrial applications where safety, low or high line pressure and durability are essential.Fully welded Ball Valves Application Petroleum, chemical, natural oil gas, petrochemical, coal chemical and other industries etc.

Pressure range ANSI Class 150 to 2500

Temperature Range -20° F to 250° F (-29° C to 121° C)

Certifications & Compliance

Our ball valves are fully welded into the factory to comply with API 6D/ISO 14313 standards,and Our fully welded ball valves are manufactured in the China, and are available in standard sizes from 1/2″ through 56″.

Certificates API 6D monogram,fire safe API 607/API 6FA

Fully Welded Ball Valve Configurations


We offer a range of fully welded ball valve,trunnion mounted or floating, are based on the 6D Standard and meet the customer’s requirements.

Body Features

API 6D Fully welded ball valve has a forged welded two-piece and three-piece body that are easy to install and provides efficient operation.

Fully welded ball valves Body materials made of corrosion resistant stainless steel,forged steel,carbon steel,Duplex or Super duplex stainless steel,Nickel Alloy,so which can be used in a variety of oil gas industries.


API 6D Fully welded ball valve stem features and materials are corrosion resistant, and it has high pressure, high temperature performance. The ball valves has a strong seal.

Seats design Features

Fully welded ball valves’ seats design is a standard in the industry. The feature and material list is extensive, as it should be. The soft or metal seated with hard facing on the ball and seats provides mechanical stop-off for the ball and seat provides self-relief.

Our fully welded ball valves seat are avaialble for Soft seat or metal seat,with a spring is placed over the seat which helps to hold it in place against the ball surface and ensure a tight seal eaven for low line pressure.

Main Features

Double block and bleed design (DBB)

Our fully welded ball valves are designed to be an economical alternative to the more expensive metal ball valves. They feature a double block and bleed design which allows for quick and easy adjustment of pressure.

These ball valves are perfect for a variety of applications, from agricultural irrigation systems, to sewer lines, to gas lines, and more.

Secondary seals in pure Graphite

One-piece design with a secondary seal in pure graphite. The seal is made of graphite, providing the perfect balance between performance and maintenance.

Fully welded ball valve is the best option for a new construction or remodeling project. It is also an excellent option for industrial and commercial applications. The ball valves are designed, manufactured, and tested to meet ANSI/ASME standards.

Anti-static device

Fully welded ball valve, anti-static device, fits well in places where other valves cannot be used.

Anti-blowout stem,low torque

When it comes to your pipeline, it is a must for the valve to be fully welded. These valves are the best in the market because they are fully welded bod, anti-blowout stem, and low torque.

Emergency sealant injection on seats and stem available

The ball valves is designed to reduce seating and stem leakage and is available with a unique emergency sealant injection on the seats and stem. These features make this valve the perfect choice for a one-way, emergency sealant injection system for any water using process.

Low fugitive emission stem packing available

For safe operation, the ball valve of the stem packing is available in Low-Fugitive-Emission (LFE) Series.

Stem extension for underground installations

Available in a variety of sizes for various applications, the valve is designed for high-performance underground applications.

Double piston effect seat seal

The fully weld ball valve with the double-piston design provides high pressure in the body cavity. The cavity pressure relief device is a device used to reduce pressure in the body cavity of a ball valves that are caused by falling piston rings/seating ring(s).


It is available in port reduced bore, full bore or fully piggable.


Fully weld construction, 2 Piece or 3 piece body,trunnion or floating ball


Manual lever for low pressure and small sizes;Gear for high pressure and large size.Actuated: Pneumatic/ Hydraulic/Electric

End Connections

Butt weld end connections ANSI/ASME B16.25  or flange ANSI/ASME B16.5

Valve testing

Hydrostatic & pneumatic testing to API 6D/ISO 14313,B16.34, ISO 5208 (other upon request)

Split Body Ball Valve VS Fully Welded Ball Valves

The Split Body Ball Valve has an accurate design concept at any size, which provides you with a perfect performance. The ball is low-cost, durable, and highly efficient.

The fully weld ball valve is a high-performance, two-way ball valve that is made from all stainless steel. These valves are ideal for the venting and discharge of the valve chamber at the fully open and fully closed position.


The ball valves have many advantages over other kinds of ball valves. They are much more resistant to leakage and are robust enough for high pressure and temperature applications. Moreover,It have a long life span with no corrosion problems, you can be sure your applications will be safe and successful.


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