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Side entry ball valve,API 6D ball valve

Side entry ball valve,API 6D ball valve

Side entry ball valve,API 6D ball valve

Heavy duty ball valve with side entry for optimum valve-to-flange clearance. Top-quality API 6D ball valve,side entry ball valve for a variety of industries including petroleum, chemical, food and beverage, power generation, and more.

The Ball Valves is a full port, metal seated valve with a first-class, high performance sealing lip. It is suitable for use in water treatment plants, chemical plants, pulp and paper plants, ore processing plants, steel plants and nuclear facilities. The ball valve handles high pressure drops to provide positive shut-off action.

Trunnion mounted side entry ball valves,API 6D ball valve

Trunnion mounting side entry ball valves are mainly used in water supply, petroleum equipment, chemical industry, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering. They are the most commonly used valves for various purposes due to their wide range of high temperature and high pressure  severe service application. Such types of valves are easy to operate and allow for high flow rates. They have a self-draining design that prevents deposits from collecting at the bottom of the valve. The gate is positioned on the body port which allows for fast opening and closing time which is advantageous when performing emergency shutdowns. The valve has a smooth surface that minimizes seal erosion over time.

Fire safe designed

Valves with a fire-safe design are those that cannot be opened by the application of external mechanical forces.

API 6D ball valve with fire safe design belong to this type of valve, and they are usually designed to protect against a fire hazard zone.

Fire prevention is a major concern for the valve industry because fires can occur in many places inside or outside of a building, including inside or outside storage tanks.

Pressure range Class 150~class 2500

Side entry ball valves pressure range from Class 150,calss 300,class 600,calss 900,class 1500,class 2500.

A trunnion mounted metal seat ball valves are a class of valves used in closed or throttling service.

A trunnion mounted metal seat ball valves is a class of valves used in closed or throttling service. These valves are manufactured with the use of stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials, and can be arranged horizontally or vertically. The outlets of these valves normally have straight shut-off and the types that have shut-off angles than 90 degrees, which is standard for most ball valves, are called angle seats.

The pressure range for this type of valve starts from Class 150 all the way to 2500. The higher the pressure rating for this type of valve, the better it will withstand any kind of liquid such as oil or water at high temperatures.

The api 6d compliant ball valves are used when high pressure and high temperature exist in both inlet and outlet pressures. These valves are equipped with a wide variety of end connections which include flange rf and rtj.

Materials of body construction of ball valves

Side Entry Ball Valves are designed to be mounted next to the piping system for quick access. API 6D Ball Valves are designed with a full bore design for highly corrosive fluids. Materials of body construction of ball valves include stainless steel, cast steel,duplex steel,forged steel,inconel,or bronze for metal body parts and elastomer construction materials, such as Viton® PTFE coated neoprene seals and EPDM seals.


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